Are you a Samsung Galaxy S II user?

We believe that by now, most of you would have heard about the Samsung Galaxy S II, the gorgeous Samsung smartphone which packs a dual-core application processor and 4.3″ Super AMOLED display into a slim 8.49mm thick package. Maybe some of you are already the proud owners of one of these babies? :)

Well, Samsung might have something cool in store for those of you who own a Samsung Galaxy S II! But first, we need to know:
1. Are you a Samsung Galaxy S II owner?
2. If yes, would you be interested in being part of an act for the Galaxy S II on 11 and 12 September (Sunday & Monday), which will be taking place in Kuala Lumpur?
If you answered ‘yes’ to both of the questions above, Samsung is looking for you! Bloggers who are selected to be part of this will be given a token of appreciation to cover transportation costs, and food will also be provided during that time.
Are you lovin’ your Samsung Galaxy S II and want to tell everybody about it? Drop us a comment on this blog post and include your blog URL, and we might be in touch with you soon! Hope to hear from all the Galaxy S II fans out there! :)

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